Wednesday, August 22, 2007


*The Creation Museum shows a film about Adam & Eve. The actor playing Adam has a history of appearing in porno movies. The film has been pulled. What is worse – a naked lie or a naked genital?

*White House counsel Fred Fielding has added 9 lawyers to his staff from his former firm to help defend President Bush from oversight and investigations. Not so amazing is that none of these lawyers graduated from Regent University. Regent for the people, Harvard for the Prez.

*Headline – NY Times confirms there were secret CIA prisons in eastern Europe. Hello, we knew about this quite some time ago.

*In the not surprising category Bush’s nomination for Surgeon General is an anti-gay activist, but with good intentions. He and his wife founded a church that, among other things, ministers to people who no longer want to be gay. As a member of the judicial council of the United Methodist Church he supported not allowing a person to join the church who was gay. The church’s bishops eventually allowed the man to join the church.

*James Dobson is hyping a pastor that says lesbian sex (no specific reference to Dick Cheney’s daughter) has caused God to abandon us. There also was no reference to unprovoked war, torture or kidnapping.

*Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska (bridge to nowhere fame) got a raise. It appears that Vesco, an Alaskan oil company, paid $400,000 to literally raise the Senator’s house on stilts so that a new first story level could be added. The FBI is investigating. His son, who is president of the Alaskan senate, apparently received a raise before his dad did. He is being investigated for taking bribes from the same oil company.

*The Prez took some time off at the G8 meetings due to a stomach ache. One could speculate that before he left for Europe he had eaten some food not inspected by the FDA or Dept. of Agriculture. One could also speculate that Laura had shopped at a dollar store to buy him some toothpaste from China

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