Wednesday, August 22, 2007


* This week we learned that the Pentagon had a proposal to build a “gay bomb” that would make the enemy homosexual and be more interested in having sex than in fighting. Does that mean that straight soldiers are not interested in having sex? Does that mean that gays cannot control their sexual inclinations? In keeping with Pentagon policy of “don’t ask, don’t tell” would it not make more sense to develop an “anti-gay bomb” and drop it on its own troops? I am sure that President Bush’s nominee for Surgeon General would approve.

* The top U.S. general in Iraq David Patraeus tells ABC news that the surge is going amazingly well and USA Today that Iraq has astonishing signs of normalcy (a view supported by Dick Cheney and Joe Lieberman – two stalwarts of truth, justice and the American way). The Pentagon flat-out contradicts this assessment by stating that violence is getting worse. The LA Times notes that there have been increased attacks in cities and provinces that had been relatively peaceful before the troop build up. Boy do I miss Donald Rumsfeld. Under his watch the effluence from the southern end of the bull was consistent.

* Alzheimers is increasing at an alarming rate in Washington D.C. Scooter Libby’s defense was faulty memory that made it appear that he lied. Every time a congressional committee interviews an operative of the Bush administration “they don’t recall”, “I can’t remember”. There was not one top-level official of the Justice Department who could identify who was responsible for choosing the eight or nine Assistant U.S. Attorneys to be fired. It was a miraculous conception!

* Officers of the U.S. Department of Transportation lobbied members of congress to pressure the EPA to deny California’s attempt to raise carbon emission standards. This was done in “support” of the U.S. auto industry. There are so many things wrong with this picture that it reminds one of the movie Momento where the scenes were shown in reverse. Here is a federal department lobbying elected officials to stand in the way of a state trying to improve their environment and the health of its citizens. The auto industry is against higher standards because they make more money selling bigger, less fuel efficient vehicles. On the other hand, those “foreign” auto manufacturers who are producing more efficient cars are making significantly higher profits than their U.S. counterparts who have been losing billions and billions of dollars. The incongruities and false premises are reminiscent of a George Bush State of the Union address.

* It was announced that the Department of Justice’s Office of Professional Responsibility is doing an internal investigation into the actions of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. One would think that he does not qualify for this investigation since he is neither professional nor responsible. He is also afflicted with memory loss (see Alzheimer’s above).

* The FBI terrorist watch list now contains over a half million names. I guess this will help them see the trees through the forest.

* White House press secretary Tony Snow tells us that new levels of violence in Iraq are a sign of success. Using that “logic” we should have a parade down Broad Street when the Phillies soon become the first professional sports team to loose 10,000 games. Up is down, bad is good and spin is straight if one uses the Bush gyroscope.

* Senator Arlen Specter says to the White House, “Let’s Make a Deal” in reference to the immigration bill. He has my support. As Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee for the first 6 years of the Bush administration no one was better at making a deal with the White House than Senator Specter (see warrantless wire taps, Patriot Act, non-confirmation of U.S. Assistant Attorneys and endless “they can’t do this!” until they twist his arm and then they can).

* This week President Bush was hailed as a great leader and statesman. Officials at the highest levels of government spoke of him in the most complimentary manner and throngs of people cheered him in the streets while straining to shake his hand. With an approval rating of 29% one would imagine that this took place in his hometown of Crawford, Texas or a whistle stop along the Bible Belt. One would be wrong. This adulation occurred in Albania – his only stop in Europe where they did not riot against his policies.

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